Sunday, 2 December 2012

after love

i though you were my love , i though were my all . i believed you would be my last love , i smiled only for you , i lived only for you , as if that would be my happiness , i believed your love .... But everything is a lie , its all a lie , your love is a lie , its all a lie .. hurting me like this .. love that left , saddening me and making me cry , that you would only love me , that you would protect me .. you love a all lie , you took my heart and took my love , your love is a love that leave .. receiving love from one person , giving love to one person like an idiot .. i believed that person would be you !!

the words of love are lies , even the world love is a lie , the word forever is also lie .. you only left me the promise of coming back "where did you go ?'' you keep getting farther , ''where did you go?'' , even if you'r  far away , i only love you and thinking that you might come back , that you might to come back .... i can't love again even if you hurt me like this and make me sad .. i only wait for you and thinking ''our break up is all a lie '' because you'r my love and my all ...

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